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Robert Kaplan

Purchases & Sales of Co-Ops

New York Real Estate Lawyer Helping Clients with the Purchase and Sale of Co-Ops

The New York real estate market is distinctive from other real estate markets in various ways, one of which is the existence of many cooperative (co-ops) type buildings throughout the five boroughs. Co-op buildings are securities, in which the individual owners do not own their own unit per sec, instead, they own stock in the building so that the building is cooperatively owned. Also, a board made up of these shareholders must approve all changes to the building in terms of occupancy, aesthetics and construction.

As a lifelong resident of Queens, attorney Robert Kaplan understands the lifestyle our city offers and the complexities surrounding co-op buildings. He understands what clients want out of their real estate transactions and the different factors that need to be considered when attempting to buy or sell a unit in a co-op. The Law office of Robert Kaplan, P.C., can help facilitate this type of residential real estate transaction smoothly with your goals in mind and your rights firmly in place.

To speak with experienced real estate lawyer Robert Kaplan about your real estate law needs, call us at 718-268-4200 and schedule your initial consultation. You can also email us, and we will be in touch with you promptly.

Comprehensive Real Estate Services for New York Co-op Sellers and Buyers

The Law office of Robert Kaplan, P.C., represents buyers, sellers, lenders, and cooperative boards, in real estate transactions. Robert Kaplan also has past experience with the Real Estate Financing Bureau of the Attorney General's Office in New York, which benefits his clients who need counseling about financing. He has significant knowledge of the following components that are vital to successfully navigating the purchase or sale of any co-op:

  • Reviewing the offering plan (purchase agreement) for buyers with an eye towards unusual restrictions or rules that may be in the by-laws including:
    • Financing restrictions
    • Sublet limitations
    • Alteration policies concerning removing or adding walls in a unit to change the lay-out
  • Examine the co-ops financial statements and shares that are allocated for each resident of the co-op to make sure the building is solvent
  • Analyze the loan documents associated with the sale
  • Ensure all the proper documents have been prepared and sent to the co-op board before the purchaser's interview with the board
  • Conduct any and all necessary lien and title searches relevant to the co-op building and resolve any problems to ensure a clean closing
  • Investigate whether the building is pet-friendly and what types of animals are allowed
  • Research any flip taxes associated with the building

A Keen Eye for Co-op Complexities

Our firm will stand by your side throughout the process of buying a co-op. We will help you research the history of the co-op building and its board members to help prepare you for the interview process. Our firm will also ensure all the paperwork is completed accurately before the interview process, and the follow-up paperwork is in order once you are accepted and your closing date has been set.
Mr. Kaplan will be by your side every step of the way until the closing is complete and the keys to your co-op unit are in your hand.

Our firm also handles various real estate lending matters Link to Real Estate Lending on behalf of lenders, buyers and sellers. We will also help you with any disputes that may arise during the application, interview or closing processes.

To schedule your initial consultation with our lawyer, please contact us online or call 718-268-4200. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. through 5:30 p.m.